Southern Comfort


R W Glaser


This humorous fictional story is about a middle aged widower from Chicago, trying to find his way in the world, quickly finds his structured and orderly life style is un-expectantly turned up Topsy Turvey, when his job takes him to the little town of Nacatish, Louisiana.


He thought this new position was a promotion, but nothing is as it should be. Upon arriving in Louisiana his company provided apartment ends up being nothing more than a furnished single wide trailer with a questionable blood stain on his bedroom carpet.  The "Scenic Lake Front" was actually located in the most backwards trailer park in the Parish. A Parish where being a "Red Neck" is worn with pride and listed on a resume. From the world that John is used too he thinks his company has sent him to a living nightmare.


But like all new places, Nacatish quickly becomes a place of new starts for John.  A new job, new friends and something he never expected to happen again... a new Love.


As time goes on he not only begins to love the Parish, but the special people that were born and raised in this unique part of the South.


This humorous romance shows the importance of not judging people and places by their first impressions and shows that broken hearts can really be healed over time, sometimes in places you least expect it.


This book is available in 6"x 8" size with soft cover (242 pages) 

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