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Bonnie was born to loving Christian parents, Claud and Ora Ingram and raised in a small Oklahoma town where it borders Texas. At age sixteen she moved across Red River separating the states, to Texas, where she met and married her high-school sweetheart, Donald Wayne Sinor. Marriage of fifty-four years has blessed them with two children: Carrell Ann who is married to Randy Owen is also blessed with two children; Jesse and Catie and three grandchildren, Christopher and Autumn Owen and Emery Handlang; Donald Wayne II who is married to Rhonda Jane is also blessed with two children, Mallory and Levi.

            A house full of children has been the joy of her life which keeps her young and active. A Saturday evening may find her and the children at the lake, fishing and feeding the ducks or she may be having a tea party in the middle of the den floor with a granddaughter. Often she just gathers them up and goes to the movies. As long as the children are having fun, she is having fun.

            A Baptist by choice, a believer by faith and God’s Grace, she is active in her church where her husband is a Deacon. She has worked for the same man, Spanky Carter, for more than twenty years. He is younger than her oldest child and treats her with great respect, which is mutual. Her main hobbies are sewing, reading, camping, fishing, playing games and spending quality time with family.

Jenny's Series - Path, Journey and House

            This acclaimed trilogy christian fiction series follows Jenny's life as she experiences the high and lows that life could bring a girl in the late 1800's.  Not afraid to live her life to the fullest, she like us finds her path through an unfriendly world with the help of her love ones, her friends, but most importantly through God's guiding hand.

This series is for anyone who enjoys Christian period pieces or Western Adventure.


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One Tin Cup


This story is set in the mid 1800’s and follows a family leaving their home in California and traveling through the rugged wilderness of Oregon Territory in a covered wagon. Expecting to reach their new home before winter sets in they are delayed when an encounter with Native Indians and a multi-tude of other mishaps causes a separation of the family and sends the mother and two children on a determined journey of bringing the father back together with them.


When three very young Native Indian braves take their covered wagon as proof of their growing into manhood they were unaware the father was very sick and inside. The youngest of the Indians is determined to help the captive father and his family.


Returning to discover their home on wheels gone brings on many challenges since the mother and two young children are left with only One Tin Cup for survival. The young boy had carried the cup with them in hopes of finding berries which he intended to bring back for his father to determine if they were edible berries.


Left alone they learn to depend on God, the cup, themselves and nature for survival.


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