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Ron Glaser has been writing most of his life but has only recently pursued publishing.  While he has written Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry, his great passion will always be Science Fiction. 

Ron has also published several articles in the electrical and maintenance trade magazines and has received 6 patents for his designs in Telecommunication.

Happily married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years, they together raised two wonderful children.

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The 5 Miracles

This true testimony is about what happended after Cindy Glaser contracted a rare form of bacterial spinal meningitis that nearly took her life.  After 3 weeks in a coma and her vital organs all in failure, the doctors were out of ideas and were ready to let her pass on.  She was literally in God's hands.  But through very specific praying offered up by thousands of people and hundreds of churches she went from a coma dying to the road full recovery. 

This book is a testomy of the miracles that can happen when many faithful prayer warriors around the world,come together  using a social network, calling out to God for help.

Yesterday Again - Book One of the Forward Cycle Series

a historical science fiction time travel story that takes place around 1890's.  Trouble pursues a young space pilot that accidently finds himself shot back in time.  In order to get a message back to the future, Michael must try to get the family company started to ensure his information is held secure as a company secret for three hundred years.  This book has adult situations that includes action, violence and adult language.  This book is availible in hardbound size with soft cover (392 pages)

Yesterday Today - Book Two of the Forward Cycle Series

When Michael O'Keefe finds himself stuck on a sailing clipper ship bound for China, he knows he is in deep trouble.  Making matters worse is that this very ship sunk of the coast of Washington State in November 1891, just days away.  Michael has no choice but to take a risk of sounding like he is insane by warning the Captain and his ship mates that they are all in grave danger.  Making matters worse, Catherine Crocker's brothers had placed a bounty on his head for the crime of kidnapping their sister and his lover and he must clear his name and stop Catherine's betrowled to another man. 

(418 pages)

Yesterday Again (390 pages)
Yesterday Today (410 Pages)
Lost In Yesterday (Both Stories 530 pages)

Southern Comfort

is a fictional story about a middle aged man from Chicago, who unexpectantly finds his life in topsy turvey when his job takes him to Nacatish, Louisiana.

When his furnished company apartment turns out to be actually a furnished single wide trailer  in the most redneck trailer park in the Parish, his fun begins.

This humorous story shows the importance of not judging people and places by their first impressions and shows that broken hearts can be healed over time, sometimes in places you least expect it.

This book is availible in hardbound size with soft cover (270 pages) Send e-mail to for more information:  rglaser@wyvernpublishing.net



Southern Comfort