Jim Shaw

Author, Humorist

About the Author

Jim can be contacted at jimshaw@wyvernpublishing.net       

Jim Shaw is a school principal at Sam Rayburn Elementary in Ivanhoe, Texas and writes as a humorist for a weekly column for the Fannin County Leader.

He has been married to Tammie for twenty-three years and together they have two great kids.


           In This Life, is a collection of memories from a child of the seventies, teenagers of the eighties, and husband and father from that point on.  it is a journey of a boy with one time long hair to a pudgy man with rapidly thinning hair.  These tales cover great times, happy moments, sadness and real loss.  If any messge is to be conveyed by the stories it is that all of these things are what makes "Life".  After all, without those sad times we could never truly appreciate our happiness.  Poet/author Linda Ellis once wrote that the most important thing on one's tombstone is not the date of birth, or the date of death, but what that person did in the"dash". This book serves as one man's portion of his dash.

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