R W Glaser


Author, Publisher



It has been a slow year for writing, but busy one for publishing.  Wyvern got out 9 books by July with over 1000 books sold by my authors to date.  New yearly record.  I am currently working a new writing project called "Summer of '73 - Ice cream fantasies and Firework dreams"  a fictional piece based on my early childhood.  In July Cindy and I went to drive the Oregon Coast - 10 days of mild weather, cool nights.  Saw plenty of Light Houses and Covered Bridges (Oregon is known for both), whales, seals, and the largest tree I have ever seen.  Oregon is definetly worth visiting.


With Cindy being in hospital for over 8 weeks, I considered myself very lucky to release Southern Comfort (a fiction book about living in the South).  With the return of her health I published 5 miracles  - a true story of how God healed my wife leaving the doctors scratching their heads in amazement and using the term, "That girl is a miracle!"

2010 -

Ron and Cindy took a trip to Ireland with some friends and family and spent 10 days in June there and NO RAIN.  Even the irish locals were suprised by the wonderful weather.  Ron says that many of his story locations are inspired by his world traveling.