Jenny's Book Series

Jenny's Path - Book One

            Jenny stood spellbound. She could scarcely catch her breath. “He kissed me.” She breathed. She cupper her hand over the cheek he had kissed. “I won’t ever marry anyone else. I love you, Sam.” She choked out loud, past the lump in her throat. She felt the wind suck the words out of her mouth and carry them toward Sam, beckoning to him, but he didn’t look back.

            As she ran to the fence her mind screamed. ‘Turn around. Come back, please come back. Don’t leave, please don’t leave.’ Jenny fell to the ground, her full skirt fanning out as if to buffer her fall and keep her heart from shattering into a million pieces. Even the gentle landing couldn’t keep her already broken heart from shattering. She gathered her skirt around her legs, rocker herself and cried until her dearest friend, Sam, was out of sight.

Jenny's Journey
Jenny's Path
Jenny's House

Jenny's Journey - Book 2


The story is set in the late 1800’s and continues Jenny’s life story; now newly married to the love of her life; her childhood sweetheart, Sam.

            Jenny relishes in that love and once again journeys though the highs and lows that life, when lived to the fullest, includes happiness, trials, new and exciting experience and even disappointments. Through it all Jenny faces life head on with exuberance and comes out the stronger for it with God as her guide.

            Her friends and Sam’s family are her treasures. Love and laughter fills her heart and leads her on a journey which leaves her with fun filled memories enough to last a lifetime. Her life and those memories include good friends, children’s tea parties, exhilarating races, natural disasters and God’s grace to carry her through each step of the way.


Jenny's House - Book 3

Jenny's story continues with the family tragedy, and Jenny slowly begins to live her life again. After reacquinting herself with a childhood friend, she realizes that this man was a lot more important to her then she remembered in her youth. Her emotions become even more confused as she is pursued by another suitor.

Jenny's House continues the story of Jenny's Journeys through the highs and lows that life brings us, and includes happiness, new and exciting experiences and even life disapointments and heartache. Through it all Jenny faces life head on with exuberance and comes out the stronger for it with God as her guide.